Maximize Bifacial PV Plant with Huawei Inverter and Produce 15-20% more Energy than Monofacial Configuration – One of the Most Innovative PV Plants in Poland

 13 August – Huawei SUN2000-105KTL-H1 string inverter is one of the few inverters available on the Polish market which supports bifacial PV modules which are used in 2 MW PV plant in Sokołów Małopolski. As the uneven irradiance reaching the rear side of the bifacial PV panel, using Huawei SUN2000 inverters, the industry’s most granularity of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) could greatly reduce the mismatch loss.

Advanced solutions powered by Huawei AI Boost I-V curve diagnosis of the PV plant, using the measurement of the current-voltage curve for all PV strings, generating a complete report in 15 minutes. This feature significantly reduces the PV plant maintenance costs and increases the profitability of the entire investment.

Huawei SUN2000-105KTL-H1 inverters has been appreciated by the investor – BIODEFOL, because of the solutions that increase efficiency and also several pioneering features, such as the maximum input voltage of 1500 V on the DC side and 800 V on the AC side. Thanks to Huawei’s solutions, investors saved lower cost of AC and DC wiring while maintaining the performance ratio of the PV plant.


The global cumulative shipment of Huawei string inverters supplied is already over 130 GW by the end of June 2020, which makes Huawei the leader in string solutions for PV power plants. The high-voltage inverters of the SUN2000 series have set a new trend of the entire industry, providing higher energy yields and the comfort of operation and maintenance.

The innovativeness of the PV farm in Sokołów Małopolski is also a result of the free-standing mounting system RS-12 with Magnelis coating, provided by RECA SOLAR. It has been designed so that the specific elements of the mounting system will not shade PV modules and affect the diffuse from the ground.

The general contractor of innovative 2 MW PV plant in Sokołów Małopolski is GREAT SOLAR sp. z o.o – a company with many years of experiences in the PV industry. Photomate s.r.o., Huawei’s Value Added Partner, provided professional advice, project design support and equipment delivery.

‘We are proud to be the general contractor of one of the most innovative photovoltaic power plant in Poland. We have fully met the challenges of building a 2 MW PV plant and we are currently working on investments of a similar scale projects. Bifacial PV modules can produce approximately 15-20% more energy than monofacial PV modules and implement inverters with fewer MPPTs. We do make a real contribution to the development of innovative technologies in Poland, by building those PV plants.’ says Wojciech Grzybała, president of the board GREAT SOLAR sp. z o.o.

Article produced in partnership with Huawei