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    Huawei Luna Smart String Battery

    Optimum electricity costs
    and active safety.


    Flexible architecture for optimal expandability as well as an energy optimizer for independent charging and discharging per module supports new and old battery modules in one system without limiting the usable energy. We are happy to support you in dimensioning the battery for the photovoltaic system.

    Huawei FusionSolar Solutions for Central & Eastern Europe

    Innovative PV solutions precisely for your needs.

    SKE is a Value Added Partner of Huawei and is represented in numerous countries in Central and Eastern Europe. You can find us in Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, England, Greece, Ireland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. Our local experts are happy to assist you and speak your language - both culturally and technically. Huawei Solar's portfolio includes inverters, batteries, hybrid solutions, and optimizers for PV systems.

    Our goal in all countries is to use Huawei Solar's innovative products to improve solar efficiency.

    In this way, we promote the energy turnaround directly in the respective regions. We are pursuing a broad positioning with regard to our product range. We deliberately not only supply the technology, such as optimizers for the photovoltaic system, but also transfer the knowledge of how the components can best be used.

    How can the photovoltaic price be recovered more quickly with an optimiser? Which technology fits my requirements?

    We are happy to advise our customers from the trade and craft sector.

    Smart solutions in particular, for example for operating a battery with the solar system, currently show great potential for increasing efficiency even further. With the right energy storage system, your own solar power can be used even when the sun is no longer shining at night. This also offers more planning security.

    SKE in Central and Eastern Europe is the contact for homeowners, tradesmen, installers and wholesalers who want to profit from solar technology. Due to the proximity to the manufacturer Huawei, we also offer optimizers, batteries and inverters at low costs.

    Huawei - Leading through innovation

    Technology for tomorrow - on offer today at Huawei Solar.

    At the beginning of the 21st century, solar technology in itself was the innovation - today the development of the technology is much further. It is no longer a matter of producing electricity from sunlight at all, but of making the systems as efficient, durable, and smart as possible. Huawei Solar is developing advanced technology such as solar batteries and optimizers for PV systems to do just that. Our goal is to make these innovations available to as many operators, installers, and dealers as possible.

    That's why we offer comprehensive consulting services in addition to technology - for example, learn in a training course how an efficient inverter can make photovoltaics even more profitable. You can also discover future technologies such as smart batteries for photovoltaics. Whatever you are interested in: We always develop a holistic solution.

    SKE - Partner for trade & craft

    Huawei Solar - reliable partner for PV trade & craft.

    As the world market leader, Huawei FusionSolar sets international standards for efficient solar technology. As a value added partner for Central and Eastern Europe, SKE is the first point of contact for innovative Huawei Smart PV products and solutions for our customers from the trade and craft sectors.

    We are pleased that we can already inspire many partners with our concept and the forward-looking technology of Huawei FusionSolar. Furthermore, we are proud to contribute to the energy transition towards renewable generation with our products and solutions in accordance with our company philosophy - and to further increase efficiency with Huawei inverters. SKE not only advises you on inverters for PV systems, but also supports you in all questions on how to best use them.

    Huawei Value added Partner for Central and Eastern Europe

    Huawei Value Added Partner
    for Central and Eastern Europe.

    As a Huawei Value Added Partner, SKE is responsible for the countries Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, England (United Kingdom), Greece, Ireland, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia Hungary and Cyprus.

    As a Huawei Value Added Partner and Huawei Service Partner for FusionSolar products and FusionHome solutions, we offer the best price in the CEE region for home builders and owners, as well as for industrial and commercial solutions such as large-scale PV systems.

    Our team of experts works daily to support our customers in the areas of sales, logistics, training, certification and technical support.

    Our customers can contact us in several languages:

    You can contact our sales team and support in English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish and Serbian.

    We provide online technical support, training, and workshops for Huawei FusionSolar products and solutions across Europe. For any inquiries, our team of experienced experts is at your disposal.

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