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Press release: 13.7.2023

SKE Groundbreaking

SKE builds Europe's largest logistics center for electricity storage solutions and photovoltaic products in Austria

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SKE and Huawei FusionSolar Residential | Commercial & Industrial | Utility Scale

PV solutions
for every area of application

SKE - Huawei Value Added Partner for Central, Southern and Eastern Europe

Huawei Value Added Partner
for Central, Southern and Eastern Europe


SKE is a Huawei Value Added Partner for Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

As a Huawei Value Added Partner and Huawei Service Partner for Huawei FusionSolar products, we offer solutions for Residential, Commercial & Industrial and Utility Scale applications in all SKE countries.

The SKE PV specialists will support you with all questions regarding Huawei FusionSolar products and solutions

We offer technical support, training and education for Huawei FusionSolar products and solutions in all SKE countries.

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