Huawei Wins Top 10 Highest Award at SNEC 2019

Huawei was announced as the winner of SNEC Top 10 Highest Award – Terawatt Diamond Award, for its Smart I-V Diagnosis 3.0.

The Top 10 Highest Award recognises the best overall performance from a group competitors. Experts consider five factors as “advanced”, “initiative”, “professional”, “sociality” and “regional”, finally select “Top 10 Highest Award”.

As the first AI Boost Smart I-V Diagnosis Technology worldwide, Huawei Smart IV Diagnosis 3.0 has three revolutionary breakthroughs:

AI Technology Embedded to Reconstruct O&M (operation and maintenance) Experience: Huawei Smart I-V Diagnosis 3.0 integrates artificial intelligence technology in the field of solar operation and maintenance. Smart PV management system performs big data-based analysis on I-V curve of PV modules, applies AI smart diagnosis algorithm, and identifies fault strings accurately. Through AI self-learning, Smart I-V Diagnosis 3.0 continuously optimize tracking algorithm and find module-level defects, transfering O&M of solar PV into the AI era.

100MW/15 Minutes to Create Ultimate Fast O&M: The 100MW PV Plant has tens of thousands components and covers an area equivalent to 300 football fields. Smart I-V Diagnosis 3.0 can complete full detection of 100MW strings and output auto reports in only 15 minutes, detailed analysing on fault reasons. Big-data analysis can proactively discover low-performance unit, achieving the revolution from passive maintenance to active preventive maintenance. Moreover, further application of AI evolves the operation and maintenance of PV plants towards “autonomous driving”.

Full-scenario Application to be Better Suitable for Bifacial Modules: Due to the uneven irradiation of the back side and ground reflected diffuse, the current mismatch is more serious, and the accuracy requirement of the I-V detection is higher. Through AI self-learning, smart I-V diagnosis 3.0 further adapts with bifacial modules, improves the recognition accuracy of bifacial modules’ model, and accurately identifies mismatches such as shading and component failure.

Huawei Smart I-V Diagnosis is the technology that has solely obtained the TUV certification in the industry. The accuracy of data monitoring in the empirical project is as high as 0.5%, and it can accurately identify up to 14 abnormal types, ensuring solar system is performing at its peak status. Over 3GW application of Smart I-V Diagnosis has been deployed globally. Moreover, it is widely used in various scenario, such as utility-scale, commercial and residential scenario, as well as agriculture solar, fishery solar and water floating scenario.

AI Technology has promoted industrial upgrading and transformation. Renewable energy industry has ushered in a rapid development period of digital transformation. In the field of PV plant O&M, Huawei will take advantage of its innovative technology and rich experience to greatly improve O&M efficiency, reduce O&M costs, and improve the operating efficiency of the entire life cycle of PV plants.