Industry benchmark: Huawei 1500 V PV inverter has been certified by TUV

On June 20 during the Intersolar Europe exhibition, Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (short as TUV SUD) and Huawei jointly announced that Huawei SUN2000-90/95/100KTL smart PV inverter has passed the TUV certification for 1500 V inverters. The certification demonstrates Huawei’s strong product innovation capabilities and leading position in the industry.

It is understood that the SUN2000-90/95/100KTL 1500 V smart PV inverter adopts the fully digital design and has the following advantages: higher yields, smart O&M, and safe & reliable.

Higher Yields——360 MPPT/Block, Reducing String Mismatch; Natural Cooling Design, Lower Self-Consumption; Higher Availability > 99.5%;

Smart O&M——0-Touch Maintenance, No Preventative O&M; Quick Fault Recovery, No Need of Expert Onsite; Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, Online Diagnosis on All Strings;

Safe & Reliable——IP65 Design, Complete Dust & Waterproof; No Fuse Design, Reducing Fire Risk from DC Fuses; Power Line Communication, Reliable Data Transmission.

By integrating the transformer, SACU, PPC, and SCADA system, the FusionSolar 1500 V Smart PV Solution realizes one-stop delivery, one-stop service, and one-stop management of the PV system. The technological breakthrough greatly improves the site construction speed, shortens the construction period, and reduces the system investment cost, making the product one of the most competitive 1500 V solutions.

According to statistics, Huawei has invested more than CNY 394 billion in R&D in the past decade, ranking No. 3 in the world. It will stay customer-centric and continuously provide competitive products and solutions through large-scale R&D investment and technological innovation.

Having obtained the TUV certification, Huawei, as the world’s top smart PV brand, will push the global PV market forward to further intelligence.

Article published in partnership with Huawei