SKE | Huawei Solar Roadshow “Luna on Tour”

Roadshow vehicle setup and start-up

Removal and ready to drive

Roadshow – Quick Guide

General information
  • If needed a digital motorway vignette and a digital road toll must be organised by the local driver.
  • In the document map you will find a copy of the car rental contract together with a confirmation from the car rental comany confirming that this car might be driven in UK and Ireland (valid for UK / Ireland roadshow vehicle only).
  • Pls. make sure that the driver has a confirmation from SKE confirming the allowence to drive the specific vehicle.
  • Note the height of the vehicle (e.g. parking decks, underground garages, bridges, underpasses, etc.)!
  • The vehicle has fully comprehensive insurance. Any damage or accidents must be reported immediately!
  • Both, the on-board as well as vehicle battery are charged via the built-in PV system or via the external 230V AC power supply (1-phase).
  • Use yellow cable to charge the on-board and vehicle batteries
  • Supply vehicle from external source to operate the SUN2000-2KTL-L1 and LUNA2000 ESS
  • Do not change any settings of the Victron control (full colour display is for information only)!
  • The vehicle has an auxiliary heater for the presentation room. The fan for the auxiliary heating is installed under the middle seat -> do not cover the heaters fan -> fire hazard!
  • The vehicle battery must be charged regularly!
  • Refill AdBlue soon enough! Automatic notice 2.500 km before! The fuel cap is located on the right side.
  • Roadshow Truck is equipped with 4G/LTE WLAN router (no SIM lock). Make sure SIM card is supported by your local mobile carrier.
Before the trip
  • The sliding glass door must be closed and locked while driving!
  • The vehicles side and backdoor must be locked!
  • All cables must be disconnected and safely stowed in the vehicle -> The vehicle does not have an immobilizer!
  • Any loads must be secured properly (e.g. cable, television, etc.)!
  • Retract the footboard on the vehicle side! The vehicle does not start when the footboard is extended!
  • Switch off the auxiliary heating!
  • Stow pylons and/or beach flags inside the vehicle!
Preparing for the presentation
  • Observe the minimum clearances for opening the vehicles side and back door!
  • Vehicle doors must not protrude on roads!
  • Mark off / secure the vehicle by either using pylons or beach flags (both, pylons and beach flags are inside the vehicle)
  • Switch on the vehicle power supply: Switch on the main switch behind the driver’s seat – press button for 5 seconds – system will power on.
  • Power vehicle from grid, if required (SUN2000-2KTL-L1 and LUNA2000 ESS only work with a single phase supply)
After the ride
  • Refuel the vehicle and, if necessary, refill AdBlue!
  • Connect the vehicle to the 230V supply (yellow cable) to prevent the vehicle and on-board network batteries from draining.
  • Switch off the vehicle supply: press and hold the green button behind the driver’s seat for 5 seconds – then switch off the main switch – the system switches off
  • Enter the trip in the logbook (driver, date, start and end mileage, purpose)
  • Connect any battery operated devices to the power supply
  • Clean the vehicle!
Contact SKE

Hannah Eder

Phone: +43 732 641065 18
Mail: [email protected]

Huawei Smart Charger 7KS/22KT-S0 AC Wallbox

Die intelligente


Die Huawei Smart Charger AC Wallbox lädt Elektroautos mit bis zu 7,4 kW einphasig oder 22 kW dreiphasig.

Verschiedene Modi wie Schnellladung, Überschussladung sind wählbar und Ladezeiten können geplant werden.

Eine einfache Konfiguration der indoor wie outdoor installierbaren Huawei E-Auto-Ladestation macht die Inbetriebnahme via FusionSolar App sehr simpel. Der Zugang zur Ladestation ist über RFID, Bluetooth und App gesichert.

SKE - Huawei Value Added Partner für Zentral-, Süd- und Osteuropa

Huawei Value Added Partner
für Zentral-, Süd- und Osteuropa


SKE ist Huawei Value Added Partner für die Länder Albanien, Bosnien, Bulgarien, Griechenland, Irland, Kosovo, Kroatien, Nordmazedonien, Montenegro, Moldawien, Österreich, Rumänien, Serbien, Slowenien, United Kingdom und Zypern.

Als Huawei Value Added Partner und Huawei Service Partner für Huawei FusionSolar Produkte bieten wie Lösungen für die Einsatzbereiche Residential, Commercial & Industrial und Utility Scale in allen SKE Ländern.

Die SKE PV-Spezialisten unterstützen Sie bei allen Fragen zu Produkten und Lösungen von Huawei FusionSolar

Wir bieten in allen SKE Ländern technischen Support, Schulungen und Trainings für Huawei FusionSolar Produkte und Lösungen.

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