Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an internationally active company, we face the global challenges of our time every day. One of these challenges is to prepare a more livable world for the generations that follow us. Ecologically, socially and economically. Our Corporate Social Responsibility describes our responsibility as a company toward society and the environment. Together, we want to translate a sense of social duty and sustainability into operational action for all stakeholders along our supply chain.

Our ecological responsibility

As a company, we take responsibility for our environment. The transformation from fossil energy consumption to solar and climate-neutral energy generation is our task. The protection of our livelihood is our path that leads our social coexistence and our economic activities into a positive future. We integrate sustainability into our entire life cycle. Our products and services help people and industry to solarize their energy needs and thus effectively reduce their emissions.

Our social responsibility

Contact with society, employees, customers, partners and suppliers shapes our business decision-making. Global Partnership as an interplay of technological, social and economic factors drives sustainable, solar energy generation. We take initiative for greater environmental awareness through the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. We strive to live up to our responsibilities, values and principles everywhere. We attach great importance to responsible management, education, mutual understanding, humanity and trust.

Our economic responsibility

CO2 neutrality requires the transformation of energy systems for energy production.The transition to renewable, climate-neutral energy supply can be accelerated enormously with the help of digital resources. We are convinced that digital technologies play a crucial role in overcoming our ecological challenges. The symbiosis of hardware and software makes the interaction of energy generation and consumption smarter, safer, more resilient and more efficient.

SKE - Huawei Value Added Partner for Central, Southern and Eastern Europe

Huawei Value Added Partner
for Central, Southern and Eastern Europe


SKE is a Huawei Value Added Partner for Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

As a Huawei Value Added Partner and Huawei Service Partner for Huawei FusionSolar products, we offer solutions for Residential, Commercial & Industrial and Utility Scale applications in all SKE countries.

The SKE PV specialists will support you with all questions regarding Huawei FusionSolar products and solutions

We offer technical support, training and education for Huawei FusionSolar products and solutions in all SKE countries.

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